Camila Arriva is an eclectic Argentinean singer. With a repertoire that goes fom lyrical to popular, her singing is particularly devoted to Argentinean tango.

As the vocalist of Camila Arriva Grupo, she sings tango – both classic and new – in a band whose purpose is to make people dance. This new project was born in Buenos Aires in 2020 and is ready to hit the European dancefloors.

In 2021 she released her album "Mujeres", featuring a repertoire of classical and new tangos written by women composers. The album was made in collaboration with Noelia Sinkunas (arrangements, conducting, piano), Sofia Calvet (bandoneon), Mariana Borghi (double bass) and Sara Ryan (violin).
In 2022 they released volume 2 with Amalia Escobar on piano, Sofía Calvet on bandoneon, Amanda Burgos on violin and Mónica Toledo on double bass. Most of the material was arranged by Amalia Escobar.
In 2023 they recorded an EP of four instrumental tangos with the support of their followers. During that year and 2024 they worked on Mujeres 3, an album dedicated to the city of Buenos Aires with the support of the Itaú Foundation, through Mecenazgo de Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

In a more intimate atmosphere, Camila sings with OVNI Tango, the guitar trio she forms with Carolina Folmer and Helga Delgado. With OVNI she has performed at milongas and festivals, and has recorded "Aterrizaje", which is available on all digital platformsIn Buenos Aires she performs with Lola Rosa, with whom she makes a tribute to Nina Miranda.

The singer has also collaborated with numerous Argentinean groups such as Fárrago Tango, Cañón, Cachivache Orkestra, Tango Bardo and La Resistencia, musicalizing the most important milongas in Buenos Aires. He is currently producing, together with La Resistencia, new material in the electrotango genre.

In addition to her work on stage, Camila is committed to bringing music closer to the general public. With OVNI she organizes musicality workshops in several German cities, which allow participants to explore tango through singing. Her extensive experience as a voice teacher and her choir director training are at the core of the success of these workshops. She also musicalizes milongas and events with the same perspective that characterizes her project MUJERES, to make women's work visible. Her tandas and cortinas are entirely sung and/or composed by women.

Camila graduated from the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires with a degree in Musical Arts and Singing and Tango. Previously, she studied at the Conservatory Manuel de Falla in Buenos Aires, and at the Conservatory of Barcelona, continuing music studies that she had started in her hometown Luján. Her education also features vocal coaching and performance lessons with teachers such as Janet Williams, Raúl Giménez, and Mónica Phillibert. In her role as a soprano, she has participated in several opera and chamber music productions, performing widely throughout Argentina and Europe.