The project MUJERES comprises tangos composed, arranged, played, sung and recorded by women.

The goal is to highlight the value of female work throughout the two centuries of the genre's existence, at a moment characterized by the rupture with the patriarchy that dominates the tango world.

Our aim was to build a team of female musicians that would respond to the urgency of a new tango committed to current changes in our society.

The repertoire includes tangos, waltzes and milongas, all written between the beginning of the last century and today, and revised to achieve a contemporary sound and dance style.

We aim to empower women and sexual and gender dissidences on the milonga dance floors, for there to be more tandas with female composers and voices, more role switching, more female and dissident DJs, more bands from the "collective"... All in all, more space and visibility for us and for everybody.

Project participants:

Noelia Sinkunas Pianist, arranger and conductor. Her unique fingerprint on the piano stands out as a link between the traditional tango style and a new jazz/rock/pop/cumbia facet of the genre. She has toured widely both in Argentina and abroad (USA, Europe, South America). She is a member of the new tango quintet Alto Bondi, of the dissident cumbia band Cachitas Now!, of Julia Laso's band, as well as Cucuza Castiello's "Trio Inestable".

Sofía Calvet Bandoneonist. She has played with the Orchestra of the Emilio Balcarce School, Romantica Milonguera, the Villa Crespo Orchestra, the Rojo Rubí sextet, as well as the Pichuco Orchestra and Sans Souci. She is currently a member of the tango Orchestra La Santa Calavera and of the quintet Bohemia Tango, with which she has toured in Argentina, Europe and Asia.

Mariana Borghi Double bassist. She has performed widely in the Buenos Aires tango scene since 2001, playing with different groups at important venues in the city and touring in Europe and Asia. She is currently a member of Juan Pablo Gallardo's orchestra, of Alejo de los Reyes' quintet, and of Yazmina Raies' trio.

Sara Ryan Violinist. She is a graduate of the Orchestra Academy of the Teatro Colón and a student at the Conservatoire "Astor Piazzolla". She is a member of the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra, and, as a traditional popular musician, she is part of the ensemble Sur del Sur, of the Orquesta Típica Ramiro Boero, and of the orchestra Romántica Milonguera, with which she regularly tours through Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia.