MUJERES is a project with a gender perspective; it is a historical reparation of the role of women in tango. The repertoire were composed, reversioned and interpreted entirely by women; making a journey from the early twentieth century to the present day put in value with a current sound and with a style that invites to dance.

We have two albums MUJERES I and II and an instrumental EP available on all digital platforms. . We are working on Mujeres 3, an album dedicated to the city of Buenos Aires with the support of the Itaú Foundation, through Mecenazgo de Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

We have performed in concert halls, festivals and milongas in Buenos Aires such as: Teatro 25 de mayo, Bebop Club, Teatro Picadero, German Embassy in Buenos Aires, Salón Canning, Festival Transfeminista, Festival Mujercitas, Festival Garufa, among others and we also participated in the Winter Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

We aim to empower women on milongas, stages and mass media; to increase the presence for female voices and composers during tandas, more role switching, more female DJs, more bands with a gender perspective... In other words, we work to promove more spaces and visibility for all of us

Project participants:

Amalia Escobar - Pianist, arranger and conductor. She is currently working as a teacher, composer, arranger and performer of different tango groups. In 2017 she was selected to participate in La Bienal de Arte Joven and to take the seminar in Musical Theater. She participated in the program "Pianistas Argentinos" hosted by Hilda Herrera and was part of the last generation of the Orquesta Escuela De Tango "Emilio Balcarce" (2019-2021). In 2021 she released her first EP entitled "Andanzas"..

Roberta Maegli - Bandoneonist. Bandoneonist. She began studying piano and musical language at an early age. Self-taught, she explored guitar and percussion until tango dance led her to hold a bandoneon in her hands for the first time, an instrument to which she devoted herself under the guidance of Santiago Segret, Federico Pereiro, Ramiro Boero and Santiago Polimeni. His passage through the Emilio Balcarce Tango School Orchestra (2015-2016) sealed his tango vocation. Since then he has participated in groups of varied character, such as the Traspié trio, the indie music group Trapalanda, the Argentine music quartet La Taba, the Orquesta Romántica Milonguera, the Orquesta Victoria, and the Che Dúo with guitarist Julio Santillán, among others.

Mónica Toledo - Double bassist. She graduated from the Alberto Ginastera Municipal Conservatory in the city of Morón, and was a member of several symphonic groups and tango and folklore groups: Hurlingham Youth Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of the University of Morón, National Symphonic Band for the Blind, La mazamorra Creole Orchestra Pura Muña, Plaza Flores Tango, and Fundamentango. She currently teaches double bass at the Conservatory of Music A. Ginastera. Ginastera and in the choirs and orchestra project of the University of Hurlingham.

Amanda Burgos - Violinist. She graduated from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes and the Conservatorio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. She is a violinist in OSMFV, Orq. Académica de Buenos Aires, Orquesta Típica Sans Souci. She specialized with Guillermo Rubino in the Emilio Balcarce Tango Orchestra. She is a violin teacher in the program Orquestas infantiles y juveniles de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Within the Ministry of Culture of the Nation she works as violinist and coordinator of the program "Ronda Musical", which offers tango and folklore concerts to young people and seniors.